How to Find Your True Calling | Amelia Aeon Karris of Know The Self

On our premiere episode, Amelía Aeon Karris shares her seven keys to synchronicity and intimately explains why imagination and intuition are so important to live a fulfilling life. Unlike other schools of thought that attempt to lead the individual to find their greatest purpose, Amelia’s seven keys to synchronicity are a gift to help you unlock your soul. We discuss her reasons for bringing this work to the world and dive deep on how to overcome any blocks that may be in your path. Grab your headphones and open your mind to absorb the wisdom in this episode.

Amelía Aeon Karris is the founding director of Know The Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living, in which she guides truth seekers to access their innate wisdom. She has helped thousands worldwide to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, establish sustainable lifestyles and live out their divine destinies.

Amelía received a BA in Consciousness, Healing, and Ecology and has apprenticed in numerous mystery schools. Her powerful healing abilities and clear vision were forged during a series of spiritual initiations over a nine-year period that honed her multi sensory awareness and unique voice. Her extensive past-life recall was noted in India, first placing her on national TV and later addressing live audiences of as many as 60,000 spiritual seekers.

Over the last decade – through public speaking, teaching, and private counseling – Amelía has helped thousands of people to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, and live out their divine destinies. Her mission is to wake up humanity’s sleeping potential, protect psychic children, and traverse our present massive shifts in consciousness. She is the author of, “Synchronicity: Unlock Your Divine Destiny”. You can get a free copy of her book on her website:

Show Notes:
  • 7 Keys to Synchronicity – 03:30
  • What is Synchronicity? – 05:15
  • Amelía’s inspiration for her book – 7:00
  • Uncovering the seven keys – 10:30
  • Explanation of the Vertical Alignment practice – 19:45
  • The importance of imagination – 21:00
  • Why Intuition? – 25:30
  • Four developmental stages of self-mastery – 29:35
  • How to overcome difficulties with synchronicity – 38:10
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