The Art of Abundance | Leisa Peterson of Wealth Clinic

Often when we think of material wealth, spirituality seems to be a polar opposite. On this episode, Leisa Peterson of Wealth Clinic helps dispel this myth. With her expertise as a financial planner and experienced meditation teacher, Leisa integrated her knowledge and formed a successful wealth coaching practice. Since the creation of her business just a few short years ago, she is has been speaking on stages, leading business retreats, and befriending well-known teachers like T Harv Eker. Hear how to defy your own limitations and learn why mindfulness and wealth go hand in hand to create the life of your dreams.

Leisa Peterson helps entrepreneurs heal their money stories so they can create profitable businesses that fulfill their wildest dreams. She’s an intuitive business coach, money and mindfulness expert and bestselling author on Amazon.

Leisa’s known for her ability to quickly identify the exact issues that are holding someone back from achieving their goals. Leisa draws upon various modalities including energy clearing, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Allowing ™, mindfulness practices and breath work to assist her clients in clearing out these emotional and mental obstacles. Once cleared Leisa gives customized instructions for how to apply the breakthrough experiences to enhance every aspect of their lives: financial, business and personal.

Leisa is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and has an MBA in finance. She worked in personal finance for over 20 years and has been an entrepreneur since she started selling gardening seeds door-to-door at age 8.

Leisa has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Forbes, Huffington Post and has written several books about ideas for creating more abundance in your life.

When she’s not inspiring entrepreneurs to take back control of their relationship with money, Leisa spends time hiking, dirt biking, and painting around Sedona, AZ where she lives with her husband and 2 children. Signup for your wealth assessment here:

Show Notes:
  • What is ‘Wealth Clinic’? – 00:55
  • Leisa’s life-changing experience  – 02:50
  • Identifying money patterns and examples – 07:10
  • Where do these patterns come from? – 13:40
  • Integrating spirituality and mindfulness into wealth coaching – 17:30
  • What is mindfulness? – 20:30
  • What does wealth mean to you? – 24:40
  • Old model vs new model of the money advisor – 32:30
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