How to Create Successful Strategic Partnerships | Business Coach Tara Butler Floch

Most Solopreneurs love the autonomy and freedom they get from owning their own business but also crave collaboration and don’t want to do it alone. But, how do you create successful strategic partnerships? Tara Butler Floch, “the coaches’ coach” shares her wealth of experience and knowledge on the different types of strategic partnerships and what to look for in a desirable business partner. On this episode, she dives deep into how to overcome obstacles to creating lasting strategic alliances and reveals her six-step plan to attract the right partner.

Tara Butler, CPCC, PCC of Broadview Coaching is known as “The coaches’ coach”.  She has been passionately committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow simple, joyous, and prosperous businesses since 2000 when she founded her own consulting and coaching practice.  She has helped hundreds of clients create meaningful, sustainable, thriving businesses. As a coach herself, she witnessed many passionate coaches quit their full time job to launch their practice, only to put their dream on the shelf because they didn’t know how to build a successful practice and couldn’t do it on their own. 

Tara was first introduced to coaching in 1995 after hiring a coach in her first executive role at PhotoDisc where she ran their worldwide Sales & Service organization for 4 years.  She found that it significantly impacted her effectiveness and execution, her personal and professional relationships, and her work/life balance.  It planted a seed in her that sprouted into her own personal development journey. Sales at PhotoDisc grew to $150 million in her tenure before it merged with Getty Images, where Tara went on to have several Executive Roles (there and elsewhere) before realizing she wanted to merge her passion for business with her love of personal development and start her own consulting and coaching company. She thrives on helping others overcome obstacles and realize their highest potential.  It drew her to become a Board Member of The Excellence Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers personal development programs, and later became their Executive Director for over a year.

Show Notes

05:25 – Why are strategic partnerships beneficial?

11:00  – What are some challenges with creating strategic partnerships?

13:50 –  What are the types of strategic partnerships?

28:45 – What are the desirable qualities of a partnership? Tara explain the “Six C’s” for attracting the right partner

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