How to Harness Your Inner Champion | Inevitable Success Coach Susie Hill

Like any athlete, we all have hurdles when pursuing what’s most important to us. However, do they smack you in the face or do you see them coming? Learn how to leverage the hurdles to work for you and bring your inner champion ‘A’ game to succeed. In this interview, the “Inevitable Success Coach” Susie Hill shares her experience helping entrepreneurs find their inner champion. She details the blocks that lead to self-sabotage and talks about her personal journey as an athlete. Susie’s inspiring words will help any entrepreneur who needs a cheerleader by their side. She shares the traits she learned as an athlete and how these traits are analogous to the traits of business owners.

Susie Hill is an insightful coach drawing out the uniqueness in her clients which evokes clear choices and forward-minded strategies. With over 25 years of business,  information technology and professional development experience, she brings a broad understanding of leading and coaching professionals coupled with authentic, effective communication skills. Her clients appreciate the warmth and encouragement she brings as well as her light hearted humor and optimism.

Susie holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Tennessee and a BA in Marketing from Manchester University where she competed nationally in women’s cross country.

She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) having completed her training at the Glowing Body Yoga Studio under the guidance of program director and Iyengar yoga teacher Cindy Dollar.

Her core values include insight, wisdom, integrity and passion. Susie’s dual background of corporate experience and professional development work has given her the distinct advantage of blending the bridge between mindfully managing and navigating the business world.

Show Notes

05:10 – Becoming a coach

11:20 – Accountability

12:45 – Self-sabotage

13:45 – Personal practice

17:50 – What are the benefits of sustained focus on those areas?

30:25 – What are some tips for this type of practice?


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