Marketing Made Easy With Hypnosis | Certified Hypnotist Debi Boushey

Are you having trouble finding your voice in your marketing? Many conscious entrepreneurs struggle with clarity which prevents them from marketing their business. An untraditional approach to finding your voice is to dive within the subconscious mind to clear inner resistance with hypnosis. On this episode, Master Hypnotist Debi Boushey talks about how she started her business from scratch with very little financial resources and no formal business training to building a thriving business, Healed Heart Hypnosis, in Berkeley, CA. She intimately talks about overcoming her own blocks to marketing as a heart-based entrepreneur (including the tech learning curve!) and describes how hypnosis is the best method to free yourself from any limitations keeping you from business success.

Debi Boushey, Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, has been practicing and teaching meditation, metaphysical mind sciences and hypnosis since 1982 with students and clients around the world. A practitioner of the Law of Attraction and other prosperity/spiritual teachings, she helps clients identify the trapped past emotions that are blocking them from living a life of health, wealth and abundance.

She was the co-founder and principle Instructor at the highly acclaimed ISHI School Of Hypnosis Training in Berkeley for twenty-two years. While at ISHI she hosted a live, call-in weekly radio show called “Total Prosperity” that drew many loyal listeners from around the Bay Area and then world wide when ‘internet live-streaming’ was introduced!

Debi has served as a Board of Director for two non-profit organizations for a total of fifteen years where she acted as Fundraiser and Event Planner. While chairing one of the Boards she worked closely with local and state political officials and organized and facilitated two events that were co-hosted by the actor/activist Martin Sheen.

Show Notes

04:00 –  Inspiration for marketing workshops

05:10 – Resistance to marketing

11:40 –  Debi’s journey into marketing

13:50 – Misconceptions with approaches to marketing

16:45 –  Details about Debi’s workshop

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