Supercharge Your Business Growth | Twitter Rockstar + Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach AJ Amyx

On this episode, you’ll hear from successful musician turned lifestyle entrepreneur, AJ Amyx. AJ’s business journey is remarkable because he overcame multiple career setbacks which lead him to building a successful business as a marketing + business growth strategist. He talks about why he built the #TwitterRockstar brand and provides tips to increase your impact on Twitter. We delve into the 4 areas to conquer to build a successful business (Mindset, Marketing, Mechanics, Money). He also talks about importance of taking ownership of your life, video marketing tips, and why faith is the foundation of any sustainable business.

In 2009, Anthony John Amyx put down his guitar to stop touring as a professional musician and built a personal brand known as the #TwitterRockstar, where he trained over 10,000 people on how to use Twitter to generate leads and sales. Now he’s an international Personal Brand and Business Growth Strategist, who teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to build and grow an online business using social media and other innovate marketing strategies.

Along the way he’s been featured on CNN, BusinessInsider, CreativeLive and is a mentor to several of Forbes Top Social Media Influencers. He’s the creator of the online courses, Tweet Like a Rockstar, The iTER System and the High Converting Webinar StarterKit.

AJ is a keynote speaker, business coach and social media consultant. He’s the creator of the online course Tweet Like a Rockstar ( and founder of Conquer Creator. He teaches entrepreneurs, corporations and small business owners how to use Twitter and other Social Media channels to market their business online to generate more leads and clients.

He has taught over 10,000 entrepreneurs and have spent 1,000’s of hours coaching and consulting, so I know what works and what doesn’t. Visit his website:

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