Unlock Your Intuitive Superpower | Intuitive Coach Amber Adrian Episode 11

On this episode, we dive deep into how to unlock our intuitive superpowers with Amber Adrian – a unique life coach who works with creatives, sensitive souls, healers, and humans who want to manifest their big vision. We discuss her approach to working with individuals to overcome obstacles they face in dealing with overwhelm in what often seems like a chaotic world. Amber shares her personal experience overcoming obstacles in business and reveals why her work is so important. If you are sensitive type, who feels like you don’t often have a guide you can turn to or someone who works with artists, healers, etc. – then grab your headphones and dive with us into this discussion about making your divine connection a top priority.


Amber Adrian helps sensitive souls dive deep into their intuitive superpowers and unlock their most profound creative gifts. She’s a channeler for the Order of Magdalena, an empath, and an energy healer who’s dramatically gung-ho about reflecting back the genius of writers, artists, and healers so they can see it for themselves. She’s also a writer, dancer, and totally obsessed with giraffes. Visit Amber’s website: http://www.amberadrian.com/about/

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