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Jared Karol is on a mission to help mission-driven entrepreneurs develop and share their unique stories. As CEO and Founder of Storytelling for Good, he coaches business owners on how to develop their origin story then share it with the world. On this episode, he delves into why sharing your personal business story (on your website, social media, and at networking events) is the most powerful way to develop an emotional connection with your target audience. By authentically connecting with your ideal customers through storytelling, your business will attract and retain loyal clients.  Grab a cup of tea and tune in to Jared’s advice – learn why sharing your story is what will make your brand unforgettable.

When Jared was 14, his father told him he was gay. This new reality totally changed the trajectory of his life. Growing up in 80s in the San Diego suburbs, homosexuality wasn’t a part of his existence. In fact, diversity of any sort––people, perspectives, cultures, ideas––was severely lacking.

But things were changing, and his thinking was evolving. Visiting his father in San Francisco through his high school and college years exposed him to new ideas and a more expansive way of looking at the world. Over time, curiosity led him out of his comfortable provincial bubble, and he began to realize all that he had missed by growing up in a homogeneous environment.

 On September 29, 2000, Jared’s father died of AIDS. Shortly after, he moved up to San Francisco to immerse himself in a more socially conscious and diverse environment. Values such as empathy, collaboration, and inclusion became central to his world view, and he has applied them to his professional and personal life ever since––as a teacher, a writer, a parent, and a community member. He helps social entrepreneurs communicate the value of their business through storytelling and writes about diversity and inclusion in tech, education, and other industries. Visit his website:

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