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Creativity is not just for artists or inventors. We create with every choice we make. As a conscious entrepreneur, you’ve chosen a path to make the world a better place. But, what happens when self-doubt and self-sabotage inhibit your ability to move forward? In this episode, Creating Coach Rebekah Younger offers wisdom on how to move forward with your business despite whatever setbacks are facing. With her decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur who has run several creative businesses, Rebekah has insightful advice even for those who don’t consider themselves “creative types”.

Rebekah Younger is a creator in all aspects of her life.  She has created numerous 2D and 3D artworks, written books and articles, designed clothing and interiors. But her creating goes beyond that of an artist or creative individual. Rebekah is a successful entrepreneur, starting in her 20’s with a DIY picture framing franchise and gallery, then her own award winning knitwear clothing business, Younger Knits, and an interior decorating firm, inSite Contemplative Design.  She sees every aspect of business whether initial financing, marketing or employee development as a creative activity.  As an ordained minister and meditation instructor she has guided spiritual groups in creating community.  As an educator, she has developed numerous classes in meditation, contemplative photography and other art forms.  All are bringing something new into existence, the very definition of creating.

Rebekah has faced numerous challenges throughout her life, from that initial start-up in her 20’s when she was unemployed with only $1000. in her bank account to cancer at age 30.  Rebekah is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals learn how to create for greater resilience and success in all they do. Visit her website: http://rebekahyounger.com/coaching/

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