Emotional Intelligence in Business | Leadership Coach Joie Seldon

Most of the frustration, pain, and suffering that we humans experience is due to a lack of understanding about how to experience, manage, and express our emotions. What if you had a manual to release long-held feelings that no longer serve you? You’re in luck. On this interview, I speak with Leadership Coach Joie Seldon about her upcoming book, “Emotions: An Owner’s Manual”. We discuss the profound value all emotions hold – even those we label “negative”. We talk about the importance of business owners understanding how to navigate their own emotional terrain so they can effectively deal with conflict in their companies. Joie emphasizes that the result of this important work is less stress, more self-confidence, greater self-trust, and coming home to your true self.

For 15 years, Joie Seldon, M.A. has been coaching and empowering executives and project managers at Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs, to identify and quickly solve problems, improve employee engagement and reduce their personal as well as team stress.

A master improvisation teacher, Joie was a professional actor, acting teacher and workshop leader for thirty years in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Improvisation teaches you how to think on your feet and deal with whatever is thrown at you, whether it’s a disaster or a sudden opportunity. Many people think that acting is a form of pretending. That may be the case when the acting is bad. However, great acting is the art of human behavior. It is the ability to be real. She has created numerous workshops that teach business professionals to how express themselves in authentic and compelling ways, whether in networking, public speaking, being interviewed or leading a meeting.

Joie holds a master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Somatic psychology has a scientific foundation that incorporates aspects of neuroscience, molecular biology and the autonomic nervous system. Her book, “Emotions: an Owner’s Manual” will be released next month. To get a free chapter of Joie’s book, go to www.joieseldon.com

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