Take Back Your Power | Wellness + Lifestyle Coach Alida McDaniel

Have you struggled with a particular habit that inhibits your personal + work life? On this episode, Holistic Wellness + Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach, Alida McDaniel, shares her personal wisdom on how to break free of the addictive patterns that keep so many people in a cycle of self-sabotage. She intimately reveals her own battle with obesity and depression then provides advice on how to take back your power. In a world that seemingly wants us to not step into our true potential, the time is now to embrace Alida’s advice to stop being caught in limiting beliefs.

After conquering a 20 year battle with obesity, depression and chronic illness, Alida McDaniel found her calling as a coach. The healing process gave her a powerful awareness about what was truly possible in the body, mind and spirit. Since that time, she’s devoted her life to helping clients overcome some of the toughest challenges they may face in all areas of life. As a coach, she uses tools for optimal wellness, building stronger relationships, developing deep spiritual connectivity, and creating intuitive strategies for healing with whole foods, fitness and mindset. In addition to her thriving coaching practice, she’s the co-founder of Mind Soul Fit OC in Newport Beach, CA and this month she’ll be launching a new cooking show on YouTube and a conscious clothing line. Visit her website: www.ambassadorforgoodness.com


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