I started the Spirit Business podcast because there I believe there is a huge need for conscious business owners to develop skills to succeed from those who have already walked the path. Traditional business advice often doesn’t resonate with conscious entrepreneurs who are often empathic, introverted, sensitive, and very interested in bringing authenticity to every aspect of their business.

I have been a Video Producer for over 15 years and am fortunate to work with clients who are making the world a better place. My company, Blue Lotus Films, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My focus at Blue Lotus Films is to raise the visibility and create ROI for conscious business owners – so they can make a massive impact with their transformative products and services!

Spirit Business podcast provides business and life advice to conscious business owners about marketing, mindfulness, video production wealth building, and more. Interviews are hosted by Blue Lotus Films’ CEO, Sarah Fisher. The goal for this series is that everyone will take away a new perspective, grounded in heart-based wisdom, that will guide them on their business journey. Each episode will provide practical advice listeners can implement into their business right away.

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